At school there was a little girl and she was called Lucy and she was in primary 5 and got called on the register to see what she wanted for her lunch and she was shy. At playtime Lucy was lonely sitting on the bench and a girl went over to her and said what's your name and she said luci then Lucy asks what's your name and she said Amy. After that they were best friends together then the bell went and the two girls told the teacher they were best friends, and the teacher said wow that's fabulous, then they went and did their topic which was 80 days around the world. At lunch time the two girls sat together and they were laughing because they were having fun. The next day Lucy and Amy were playing together in the play ground and the head teacher came out and said are you friend and Lucy said yes we are ands the head teacher said that brilliant and the bell rang and the two girls went and lined up together.