One day there was a little boy and girl and there [[#|mum]] the little boy was called Max and the girl was called Juile and there mum was called Sharon and they ware going [[#|holiday]] to [[#|portugal]] it took them 2hors and 52 min to get there but they left at 12.00 and when they were there they walked around and they noticed there was a water park so the went back to there hotel to get there swimming stuff and they got dressedf and they went into the pool and they found it cold at first but then it got hoter and the boy and girl went down the shoot together and they went down the big shoot with there mum and then it was time to go back to the villa and they got into there clothes and they went to the shop and got two lilos for both of them and Maxs was blue and and Juiles was pink and there mum didnt get one because she loves swimming but luckly they had a pool in the back garden so they went into the pool and the two children went on there lilos and there mum was the odd one out and then they went to the beach and the wave big and the tide was coming out so there mum said dont go to far so that i cant see you if u go to far or we will go back to the villa insead of having fun at the beach so dont go to far and they said ok mum we wont go far mum ok darling then we stay for an hour and then it was time to go back to the villa for dinner so they went tom and jerrys for dinner and max and Juile had the same for there dinner and they both had steak pie and chips and there mum had fish and chips after there dinner they went back to there villa and they went back in the pool then it was time for bed.The next day they had there breakfast then they askesd there mum if the could go in the pool and there mum said yes of course you can when they were in the poll and they played a game and they had a ball the first one to catch it wins and Juile wins the first one to win then max won they could both swim bethout arm bands and then there was a parrot show at night and three of them wernt to the parrot show and in the parrot show a parrot could ride a bike at the end of the parrot show it was time for them to go home.The next day it was time to pack up to fligh back home they didnt really have anything to pack so the went to the airport and the plane was ready to set off and they were home and the family live happily after the end.