One night it was Halloween and there was a boy called Ross and a girl called Erin and they were brothers and sisters. After their dinner they went out trick or treating and there was a house with there music blasting, and Ross and Erin went to their [[#|friends house]] and Ross and Erin said do you want to come trick or treating with us and he said yes of course I will and when they went [[#|back]] home they had lots of sweets, so they didn't need to go to the shop. The next day Erin and Ross went out to [[#|play]] and Erin went for Abby, Ross went for Mark and they were all playing together and they heard a big foot [[#|steps]] it was a monster, Mark and Erin they went to [[#|McDonalds]] with there mum something happen to the children. The Mark and Erin got kidnaped and the man that kidnaped them he put them on a plane bethought letting them tell there mum and dad and Mark and Erin's mum and dad went round the streets and they were nowhere to be seen and there mum was worried and Ross phoned there mum and said we got kidnaped we are on a plane and his mum ok now we know where you are is Erin ok yes she is fine Ross end called it and there dad said to the dad do you want to go on a plane yes but where to Portugal if you want.