One [[#|morning]] there was a boy called Ethan and he was brushing his [[#|teeth]] and when he was finshed with the tooth brush it magically disapeard. At night when Ethan went to brush his teeth the tooth brush wasent there so Ethan went and told his mum my tooth brush isnt there come and see mum and Ethans mum got off the couch and went and looked so Ethans mum said [[#|tomorrow]] we will go and get another toth brush for you morning Ethan did you have a [[#|good]] sleep yes mum when are we going for my new tooth brush in a wee while son ok mum i will go [[#|back]] to my room to and [[#|play]] till its time to go Ethan its time to get dressed ok mum and do you want get new sheos aswell as a tooth brush yes mum Ethan its time to go ok I am just coming I am just getting my sheos on lets go. When we go home you can go out to play for a little while thanks mum.