One night the was three muscteers and they were called Rosy Katy and Abbie they went out hunting for [[#|food]] and it was spooky because you heard scary sounds in the forest. After they went out hunting for food they went home and told there mum we have been out hunting for food and there mum said why did you not tell me so they were grounded for two days each. In the [[#|[[#|morning]]]]they kept asking there mum can we go out and [[#|play]] and the mum said no so they went up to there room and had a carry on together and there mum said what are you doing and they kept quite qite. One the next morning they said thanks for grounding us for two days. At night they [[#|sneaked]] in to there mums room and there was sweets on the bed so they took the sweets into there room and they were eating all the sweets and the three girls were sick and there mum when they were to [[#|go back]] out they and met a friend called Hana and she was a very kind girl and they went to the park together and they had so much fun together. When they came back from the park they has asked there mums if they could have a sleep over together Hana asked her mum and she said yes of course you can because it is your best [[#|fiends]] sleep over.When Hana packed her bag to sleep over at [[#|Roses]] house they all slept in the [[#|living room]] and they stayed up to two clock in the morning and they slept till 7.45 in the morning. In the morning the watched the croods together the sleep over finished at 12.00 and Hana went home at 11.30 and you got a [[#|party bag]] at the end of the sleep over and it was time for Hana to go home and Rosy gave Hana a party bag to take home with her. After Hana went home the three girls and her mum got [[#|tidied]] up the house together and the house was [[#|clean]]. At the weekend they stayed at there nanas for the weekend and they were glad because they were not grounded at there nanas and they got [[#|sweets]] and other stuff and they have fish and chips for dinner and the family lived happily ever after THE END.