One night there was a little girl called Eve tooth fell out when she had eating an apple and before she went to sleep she put the tooth under her pillow at 2.00clock in the morning the tooth fairy was there and she left £2 under her pillow and in the morning Eve woke up and she looked under her pillow and there was £2 under her pillow so she shouted mum came here and her mum said ok honey mum I got £2 from the tooth fairy and her mum said do you want to keep it and put it in your bank or spend it on sweets Eve said I will put it in bank for going on holiday to go to spain Eve said when are we going on holiday in a week a week after they were on a plane it took them 2h and 30m and they left at 12.00 so they got there at 2.30 and when they were are there hotel they got unpacked and then they walked around spain and they went back to the hotel at 4.00 and they went swimming pool till 6.00 so they were in the pool for two hours and then they got there tea and Eve had steak pie and chip and eves mum had fish finger and beans and chips. The next day Eve met a freind called Rachel and they played together they met in the swimming pool and they could both swim and dive the they jumped from the side of the pool and they soaked there mums in the face and they wereonly staying for a week a week after they were home and Eve and her mum live happily ever after the end