The two zebras

One day there was two zebras that was at the zoo and it [[#|started]] to rain and the they lost there colours and they were very [[#|sad]] because they lost there colours and they were the [[#|odd]] ones out. The next day they were all playing together and the two zebras that had lost there colours it magically started to come [[#|back]] and they got happier and happier because the colours [[#|started]] to come back. The next day they were back with there colours a the same as all the other zebras and they and were all [[#|[[#|play]]]] and non was the odd one out and all. Two days after there was a little girl that wanted to go to the [[#|zoo]] and her [[#|mum]] took her and the little girl said look mum I want to go and see the zebras ok we will and they were all playing and the little girl said I didn't know zebras could play together yes they could darling mum in [[#|class]] we are [[#|[[#|[[#|learning]]]]]] about zebras so could I write about what we are learning yes of course you can and can I [[#|draw]] pictures yes you don't need to ask that honey ok I wont. The next day was [[#|school]] and the little girl left at 8.45 to play with her friends and she said I went to the zoo at the weekend and I saw zebras at the zoo wow did any lose there colours yes two aw that's a shame yes it is I will show you my pictures ok lets see them and I write stuff about them as well and I will show the [[#|teacher]] ok Erin.