One night it was [[#|Christmas]] there was two girls called Rosie and Connie they were best friends together they had a sleepover together and they did other stuff together at the sleep over they were [[#|fighting]] over what they were watching so Connie went down stair and asked Sharon if she could [[#|phone]] Ashley because she is Connies mum Sharon said why because me and Rosie have fallen out Sharon said ok I will and Connie went [[#|back up]] to Rosies room and they sat on the bed and they did not say a word to each other and Ashley came to the door and asked Connie [[#|whats]] the matter and she said me and rosie have fallen out and Ashely said just forget about it and Connie said ok I will. next day they were frienfs again becauase Connie told Rosie to forget about it and they did what Ashley said they went to [[#|monster]] mainia together and they had great fun. Then they went to [[#|mcdonalds]] and the two girls had a happy meals and the two mums had a big mac each and Cnnie and Rosie went back to the house and played truth and dare and with the [[#|monster high dolls]] they did not fight on the way to the park Connie fell and she was crying so we went to the shop to get [[#|plasters]] and it was [[#|bleeding]] then Sharon put the plaster on Connies knees and she stoped crying and the park was burnside park and we were there for an hour they played on the swings,shoots and the [[#|zip wire]] and we went back to the shop to get Connie and Rosie a sweet. The next day the two girls got new trainers and Rosies trainers were silver and orange and Connies trainers were orange and pink the [[#|family lived]] happily ever after the end