Once apon a time lived a little girl that was age 7. She had a magic box and through the night the box magically went through to her mums bed room and in the morning she looked every where in here room and could not find it. So she went down stars and said to her mum "my magic box isnt in my room." They both went up stairs and looked every where for it but they couldnd find it so both of them looked in her mums room and it was under the bed. The little girl was happy that they found it so the little girl went for her friends and she brought her magic box to the little girls house.The decoratins on the magic box were circles,stars and love harts on it. Her friend's magic box had flowers,circles and stars. Oncethey came back to the little girls house they had dinner together then they played out the back on the trampoiline. As they were playing on the trampioline the clows poped out of both of them so they came off of the trampoiline. They went and scared the little girls mum and she got a fright.